Wired gives the lowdown on more RIAA sock-sniffery. From the article:

In October, a Minnesota federal jury found Thomas liable for copyright infringement and dinged her $222,000 for unlawfully sharing 24 songs on the Kazaa file-sharing network in what was and still is the nation’s first and only RIAA case against an individual to go to trial….

RIAA attorney Richard Gabriel asked Sony’s Jennifer Pariser if it was OK for a consumer to make one copy of a track that was legally purchased. No, she replied, saying that’s “a nice way of saying, steals just one copy.”

On Thursday, while debating a Washington Post reporter, Sherman told an NPR audience that Pariser “actually misspoke in that trial.”

The real problem is that the RIAA doesn’t actually know what their stance is on DRM and file-sharing. It’ll be ages until the public ever fully finds out and a Duke Nukem Forever until the RIAA can actually enforce it.